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ПлатформаЛицензияЧлен ASP
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3DBrowser for 3D Users 12.51
Компания: Mootools
Страна: France, Aquitaine, Saint Vincent de Cosse
Член ASP: Нет
Web сайт компании: http://www.mootools.com
Сайт программы: http://www.mootools.com
О приложении: http://www.mootools.com/plugins/3dbrowserpro.asp

Автор: Manuel Jouglet Marcus

Email продаж: contact@mootools.com
Email техподдержки: contact@mootools.com

Тип лицензии: Условно-бесплатная
Класс: Graphic Apps::CAD
Специфика: Graphics
Категории: Multimedia and Design :: CAD, Multimedia and Design :: Converters, Multimedia and Design :: Image Viewers, Multimedia and Design :: Cataloging, Multimedia and Design :: Organizers, Multimedia and Design :: Screen Capture
ОС: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
Системные требования:
Язык: English, French
Ограничения: 30 days full trial

Ключевые слова: thumbnail, image, 3d, video, scene, object, edit, organize, browse, convert, view, print, batch, process, macro, capture, keyword, HTML, search, jpeg, gif, polygon, 3ds, max, collada, dae, xsi, lwo, mb, obj, stl, ply, dxf, cob, skp, lxo

3DBrowser for 3D Users (x32/x64 bits) is a must for viewing, editing and organizing your 3D scenes, images, videos, audio files and ZIP archives.

It displays high quality thumbnails in a comfortable customizable window. It recognizes your 3D files (3DS, Max, Maya, LightWave, STL, Sketchup, Modo, Collada...), more than 60 image formats, and audio files.

The 3D OpenGL viewer clearly shows scene hierarchy and materials. It displays textures and vertex colors. It includes file format conversion, object cleaning, printing features and Polygon Cruncher, a must to have in polygon optimization.

The image viewer includes many tools (crop, resize, filters...), slides show, conversion and printing features.

In a single step, the batch command allows to optimize, convert or clean your 3D scenes, or modify your images.

The screen capture tool is one of the most powerful of the market: if offers still image or movie capture from a window or a defined area, magnifier to assist with pixel-by-pixel cropping, capture preview, application live-state mode enable you to communicate visually with your entourage.

Nothing is more simple that printing a contact sheet of a directory content. You control accurately page setup (fonts, colors...) and can add information under each image using tags feature.

Export your images or your 3D scenes to the web using the HTML format. Select the HTML template that fits your needs and let 3DBrowser for 3D Users do the job for you.

You can describe each file using the keywords and information panel then export/import to/from a database or make advanced search based on this information.

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users offers a wide range of advanced features, which list increases day by day, thanks to the regularly updates. For example, you can manage albums, send images by email (including resizing and conversion feature), rename a set of files, edit MP3 tags, search for files, create AVI or animated GIF from a set of images...
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45.84 МБ

ДатаВерсияСтатусИстория выпусков
10.06.201412.51Major UpdateFBX, Cinema4D, Sketchup support
Разрешения на распространение: Please read the following terms and conditions before using this software. Use of this software indicates you accept the terms of this license agreement and warranty.

1. Registered Version

A single registered copy of this software may be used by one or more people on a single computer. The licence can be transfered from a computer to another one, using the activate / deactivate license features.

You may access the registered version of this software through a network, provided that you have obtained individual licenses for the software covering all computers that will run the software from the network. For instance, if six different workstations will access this software on the network, you will need a six-user license, whether they use this software at different times or concurrently.

2. Evaluation and Registration

This is software is not a free software. Subject to the terms below, you are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days. If you use this software after the 30 days evaluation period, registration is required. Registrations are fulfilled by Mootools software. For further information, visit the Mootools Web site at: http://www.mootools.com

3. Distribution

Provided that you are distributing the current non-registered software version you are hereby granted permission to duplicate and distribute the program;

1. Give exact copies of the original software version to anyone without any registration code or cracking software.
2. Distribute this software and documentation in its unmodified form.
3. If you distribute this software and/or documentation with other products (commercial or otherwise) provide prior an email to Mootools at info@mootools.com. Tell us that you are distributing this software and, if the software is being distributed with other media or software. Mootools prior written approval is required. There is no charge for this.


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