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AlcoDens 2.3
Компания: Katmar Software
Страна: South Africa, Westville
Член ASP: Нет
Web сайт компании: http://www.katmarsoftware.com
О приложении: http://www.katmarsoftware.com/alcodens.htm

Автор: Harvey Wilson

Email продаж: harvey@katmarsoftware.com
Email техподдержки: harvey@katmarsoftware.com

Тип лицензии: Условно-бесплатная
Класс: Business::Calculators & Converters
Специфика: Business
ОС: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
Системные требования: 2.1 MB disk space
Язык: English

Ключевые слова: ethanol, alcohol, water, blending, dilution, gauging, density, concentration, proof, ABV

Alcohol (ethanol-water) gauging, blending, dilution and concentration conversions. Data covers temperatures from -20C to 100C (-4F to 212F) and strengths from 0% to 100% (200 Proof). Work in mass or volume terms. Wide selection of units built in for temperature, density, mass and volume. Accuracy in accordance with OIML data.

Blending, dilution and fortification calculations in mass or volume (or mixed) terms. Automatically compensate for temperature. Takes shrinkage (contraction) into account for full accuracy in determining strength and volume. Print blending reports.

Hydrometer correction for temperature in gauging. Use a density, ABV or Proof hydrometer and convert apparent strength to true strength for all 3 types plus mass %. Works for any calibration temperature. Transfer true strength to calculator to determine true quantity.

Volume temperature correction calculator for inventory management. Convert volumes from one temperature to another and determine absolute alcohol (Proof gallons) content. Convert between mass and volume quantities.

Convert between density and strength for any two of Density, Mass %, Volume % (ABV), Proof or Molar % taking temperature into account where necessary.

Freezing point (melting point) calculator to determine freezing temperature from strength, or vice versa.
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1.63 МБ

ДатаВерсияСтатусИстория выпусков
01.09.20122.3Major UpdateCalculators for volume change with temperature and freezing point
Разрешения на распространение: Any bona fide distributor of shareware (including WWW site operators, disk distributors, BBS operators,
computer clubs, magazines on or enclosing disks and CD-ROM manufacturers) are welcome to include
AlcoDens in their range, subject to the following requirements :-

- The package must include all the files listed in this document. If they are compressed into an archive
please use the naming convention given above.

- None of the files listed above may be modified in any way. (Except to add a "Supplied by 'XYZ
Company'" notice at the end of the README.TXT file.)

- You are welcome to add other files to identify yourself as the distributor.

- AlcoDens may be included on a disk with any other product, provided that it is made clear that any
payment for that other product is not for AlcoDens, and that the copy of AlcoDens is provided for
evaluation purposes only.

- No price or other compensation may be charged for AlcoDens. Any charge for an evaluation disk
(floppy or CD-ROM) must be clearly identified as being for the disk and not for the software on it.

- Any advertisements, catalogs or other literature must point out that the software requires separate
payment to the author if continued use is made of the product.

- We would like distributors to have the most up to date versions. If you would like us to keep you
informed of any upgrades contact us at the address at the top of this file.


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