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ПлатформаЛицензияЧлен ASP
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Компания: Startech Alliance
Страна: United States of America, NY, New York
Член ASP: Нет
Web сайт компании: http://easeeaccess.com
Сайт программы: http://www.easeecontrol.com/
О приложении: http://easeecontrol.com/info.html
Видео: https://youtu.be/R_6Ku_eDwzY

Автор: Iulian Andrei

Email продаж: easeeaccess.pad@submitpad.org
Email техподдержки: easeeaccess.pad@submitpad.org

Тип лицензии: Условно-бесплатная
Класс: System Utilities::System Maintenance
Платформа: Windows
ОС: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Системные требования: Windows 10 / Duo Core / 1GB RAM / 1GB free space
Язык: English
Ограничения: Only for private use

Ключевые слова: PC Scan Win 10, PC utility Windows, PC Optimizer app, Windows 10 privacy tool, tune-up utilities, speed up your PC, helpdesk pc, PC cleaning app, optimize slow computer

EaseeControl your PC speed-up & optimize PC! Get help from experienced customer support
Complete system optimization, data privacy and saving disk drive space. Remove unused data and stop unnecessary running background apps for better performance!
EaseeControl is an effective utility app for computers running Windows operating system that solve the most frequent issues with your PC and Data Privacy!
We this thought in mind we created a tool to help you take back control of your time so you can spend it on what matters most to you. A tool that will make you love your Windows computer again.
Technology has taken the world by storm. People are progressively more reliant on their computers these days to make their online activities run smoother, their productivity better, secretly hide their data, and more.
We usually demand a lot from our computers and expect them to handle everything we throw at them, so its frustrating when things start to get slow. Everyone knows that a computer slowing down or excessively heating up is a bad sign, but, sometimes, resolving the problem can be tricky.
We designed the EaseeControl app with a genuine hope that it will give you perfect peace of mind for times when your computer runs slow, you are worried about your personal data, or even when something does go wrong.
EaseeControl has been built around the idea that everyone can be empowered to do anything he/she needs, even if it is about computer and they hate computer issues.
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ДатаВерсияСтатусИстория выпусков
26.03.20211.0.1.44New ReleaseEaseeControl introduced AI-based robot - ADAM Intop
01.02.20211.0.1.43New ReleaseIf you end up using it for a month you get the fixed period pricing starting as 9.99$/month
Free to install, free for 30 day of usage
And you don’t pay if you don’t use it (there is no reason not to have it in)
01.02.20211.0.1.39New ReleaseIf you end up using it for a month you get the fixed period pricing starting as 9.99$/month
Free to install, free for 30 day of usage
And you don’t pay if you don’t use it (there is no reason not to have it in)
Разрешения на распространение: EaseeControl - commercial name of Class IT Outsourcing SRL, legal person of Romanian nationality, with registered office in Calea Griviţei, no 136, Building B, room 105, 1st floor, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, Unique Registration Code 14080786, fiscal dates J40 / 6739 / 31.07.2001.
Website - easeecontrol.com, the presentation website for the EaseeControl application
Software / EaseeControl - software that allows to clean-up, speed-up, optimize PC, get rid of temporary files, tracking cookies and data junk!
User - can be any natural person over the age of 18, download EaseeControl and make an account to use the software for personal use.


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