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Easy Photo Editor Lite For .NET 1.1 1.71
Компания: Filipe Rhodes da Fonseca
Страна: Portugal, Evora, Evora
Член ASP: Нет
Web сайт компании: http://www.frdafonseca.com
Сайт программы: http://www.easy-photo-editor.com
О приложении: http://www.easy-photo-editor.com

Автор: Filipe Rhodes da Fonseca

Email продаж: software@frdafonseca.com
Email техподдержки: software@frdafonseca.com

Тип лицензии: Бесплатная
Класс: Graphic Apps::Editors
Категории: Multimedia and Design :: Image Editing, Multimedia and Design :: Converters, Multimedia and Design :: Utilities
Платформа: Windows
ОС: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Системные требования: at least the .Net Framework 1.1 (CLR 1.0.5 - expected on Windows NT4, 2000, XP, and Vista)
Язык: English
Ограничения: No trial period; some of the graphical filters that are part of the PRO version can be tested on its LITE version but, in this case, the resultant images cannot be saved. The PRO version is given to those that make a donation to the project.

Ключевые слова: quantizer, contrast, brightness, gamma, sharpen, converter, resizer, enhancer, photo

Easily converts dull photos into good ones - the ideal for amateur photographers. There are several available graphical filters, which use follows a sequential path - this meaning that there is already a pre-selected order for their use. Sooe of the available graphical filters are: resizement, rotation, mirroring, extraction, contrast correction, gamma correction, quantization, etc. When creating web pages, the quantization (color reduction) filter is very useful, as it reduces (quantizes) the color scale of an image in a professional way, maintaining the image's quality, while greatly reducing the size of the resultant file (usually, for a normal photo, reducing its color scale to 512 colors is unnoticed by the user, but the file size gets really smaller). The program has been compiled in such a way that it adapts to the in-use cpu. Thus, it can be run on any x86 cpu as old as the Pentium one. There are several versions of the program available, so that you will find one that meets your needs and targets your OS, which can be any Windows OS from Windows NT4 till Windows 10. The program is portable - thus, it is not installed on the pc (this means that it does not meddle with its configurations) and can be run from any folder where you have executing privileges - thus, it (usually) can be even run from a pen drive (if you have executing privileges on it).
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ДатаВерсияСтатусИстория выпусков
04.01.20211.71Major Update- the range of values that can be chosen for darkening, brightening, and contrast-stretching has been doubled.
09.12.20201.70Major Update- the compatibility with other OSes has been further enhanced;
24.11.20201.69Major Update- the compatibility with other OSes has been further enhanced; now, when the configured CLR (Common Runtime Environment) is emulating an old one, the user is warned in order that he can download the most recent and efficient version of the program for his current OS configuration.
10.11.20201.68Major Update- the compatibility with other OSes has been further enhanced;
- the program already runs under mono for windows and know with a small number of hicups - in a few weeks it will run in both linux and macOS;
30.10.20201.67Major Update- the compatibility with other OSes has been enhanced;
- the program already runs under mono for windows (with some hicups);
10.10.20201.65Major Update- the interface has been improved
Разрешения на распространение: The software Easy Photo Editor Lite can be freely distributed over the internet in an exchanged form. For more information, see the EULA at http://www.easy-photo-editor.com/eula_easy-photo-editor-lite.txt and the Privacy Policy at https://www.easy-photo-editor.com/privacy_policy_notice_for_easy-photo-editor.pdf .


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